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Beef Breeds

Description of the Chianina:

The Chianina is one of the  largest cattle breeds they are purebred animals that can range from white to gray. Cows and bulls have black skin with short black horns and a black tail. When they age their horns will even start to get lighter in color  and their heads are held long and tall. They are by far the most  well-muscled, with long legs and strong feet.  When Calves are born their hide is light brown, turning white or gray within their first few months.



The Chianina originates from Italy where it there served as a source of meat since the days of ancient Rome. 

 They were first domesticated in Africa and Asia during the Bronze Age.

The Chianina one of the oldest cattle breeds in existence.












Interesting Facts:


Chianina cows are not good milk producers.

They can weigh up to 3,500 lbs

They  are slaughtered between 15-18 months around 1,500 lbs

Has been around 2,200 years.


How much can the Chianina weigh up to?


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